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ECCE HOMO - Feature Drama, Ukraine – 2016/2017


Director:          Anna Tretyak
DoP:                 Denis Yakimchuk
Production:     Ganka Film
Producer:        Vasyl Zotsenko


In Postproduction. Coming in 2018

A great reckoning in a small town. A town without a name. A town not on the map. A town with its own rules. A town without access from the outside. A town with secrets not available even to those "living" there. How long? Suddenly a time warp, an accident of fate and then unexpectedly the appearance of a woman from beyond. Then it begins. The hidden ways of the town start surfacing. Although no way out of the town, the arrival of Alice puts the town's ways to a test.

ECCE HOMO is a Ukrainian feature drama written by Andriy Kuzmenko and directed by Ganka Tretiak. The film is based on Kuzma Scriabin's novel “City where money does not circulate”.