Denis is an art photographer and cinematographer, PADI Certified recreational diver and underwater cinematographer born in Kyiv in 1987. Denis learned photography and post processing completely independently but under the clear eye of highly experienced artists. This brings the advantage that he never became seduced to just copy someone’s style but always could evolve himself freely. He has developed a keen feeling for the precise interplay of location and action that works for a great picture.

    “I think it is more art of seeing things in different eyes, to capture them and transform into eternal art. I always try to push creative boundaries to invent new ways of telling stories inside images and I hope this shines through my work.“ 

- Denis




JAZZ MORE, Experimental Docufiction Comedy, Ukraine – 2017 in Postproduction
Director:        Anna Tretyak
DoP:              Denis Yakimchuk
Agency:        Leo Burnett Ukeaine
Production:   Leo Burnett Ukraine, Ganka Film
Producer:      Julia Tekhono

ECCE HOMO, Feature Drama, Ukraine – 2016/2017 in Postproduction
Director:        Anna Tretyak
DoP:              Denis Yakimchuk
Production:   Ganka Film
Producer:      Vasyl Zotsenko

LITTLE PRINCE, Feature Drama, Kazakhstan – 2014
Director:        Talgat Temenov
DoP:              Denis Yakimchuk
Production:   ADIGUL
Producer:      Akhat Ibraev

DOP/Cinematographer - various music videos and advertising – 2007-2017
    Over 100 commercials and music videos were shot as well as commercial photoshoots on the territory of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Spain, Portugal and The USA.


KYIV PHOTO WEEK  Reality.Evidence. - Group Exhibition - 2017, Kyiv, Ukraine
Project “Run Ukraine, run.” in collaboration with Phase One, iCenter Ukraine and Dmytro Honcharov.

35mm FACE OF BCN - Personal Exhibition - 2011, Kyiv, Ukraine
   The impression of emotions used to create portrait of city, to show off the lifestyle it brings to its citizens. 35mm, BW, self-produced manual development and silver gelatin prints


PORTRAIT OF GIRIAMA - Personal Exhibition – 2013, Kyiv, Ukraine
    Giriama is one of the native tribes of the central Africa, they appeared to be the bridge of 17 types of swahili language and 5 cultures separating Africa and Europe, explaining the simplicity of being undisturbed.


MARCO POLLO (TV Series, Adventure, Drama, History) NETFLIX – 1st AC/Puller - 2014
  In a world replete with greed, betrayal, sexual intrigue and rivalry, "Marco Polo" is based on the famed explorer's adventures in Kublai Khan's court in 13th century Mongolia.
Written by John Fusco.
Directed by Daniel Minahan, David Petrarca, Alik Sakharov, Espen Sandberg.
Director of photography Romain Lacourbas.

MACH (Drama, History, Sport) – 1st AC/Puller - 2012
Goalkeeper Nikolay Ranevich and his Dinamo football team are about to play against the German footballers during the Nazi occupation of Kiev in 1942. The match is much more about honor and dignity than sport.
Written by Igor Sosna, Dmitriy Zverkov
Directed by Andrey Malyukov
Director of photography Sergey Mikhaylchuk

TECHNOMEDIA Rental House – 2007-2011
  1stAC/Focus Puller on international projects and projects outside Ukraine.


EQUIPMET: Arri Alexa, Arri 435, Arri 235, RED Epic, RED Scarlet, RED One, DJI Ronin, Arri and Preston wireless systems, Steady cam. SUBAL and Gates underwater housings, EAN, dry suit.
POSTPRODUCTION: DaVinci, Adobe Premiere/After Effects, Final Cut (NOT X), DRAGON FRAME,  Capture One (expert/beta tester)